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Legal representation for automobile accidents

Even good drivers can't always avoid the hazards posed by careless motorists. Many accidents involve drivers who are distracted, careless or under the influence of drugs or alcohol. When large trucks or commercial vehicles are at fault, there are special considerations. Motorcycle accidents present unique challenges as well. When a person has been the victim of a serious motor vehicle accident, it is unlikely that the injured person and family members will be in a position to deal with complicated insurance issues and undertake a proper investigation of the accident to protect their rights. Time is of the essence when a motor vehicle collision occurs and the opposing insurance company will be working hard to undermine your claim.

That is why it is important to find the right attorney as soon as possible after a serious accident to represent you and protect your interests. If there is a dispute about how the accident occurred, we have the technology, resources, and ability to employ appropriate experts to reconstruct the accident and uncover the facts and witnesses to prove a claim. Auto accidents often focus on navigating the complex world of insurance coverage. Frequently, victims of serious auto accidents and their families are in no position to understand critical policy provisions or make a careful analysis of the facts to determine where to look for coverage. The sooner that a lawyer can begin to find answers to these important questions, the better the opportunity that an accident victim has at making as full a financial recovery as the law and the facts will provide.

Understanding the nature of your injuries, the medical issues you are facing and your long-term prognosis is crucial, and, from our perspective, it's just as important as understanding the law.

Have you been injured in a Motorcycle Accident?

America’s fascination with motorcycles has grown over the years. Along with this trend, come more motorcycle accidents. More than 85 percent of these accidents result in death or serious injury. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), more than 100,000 motorcyclists were killed in accidents between 1966 and 2000 and thousands of motorcyclists are injured every year.

Serious injuries can occur more often in motorcycle accidents than in auto accidents. When on a motorcycle, the lack of a roof, doors, air bags, and seat belts dramatically increase the risks of sustaining a traumatic injury. Orthopedic injuries, traumatic head and brain injuries, and disfigurement often occur in accidents involving a motorcycle.

There are special laws in Pennsylvania regarding motorcycle accident insurance. If you are involved in such an accident, it is ordinarily wise to consult an attorney as soon as an accident occurs to ensure that you and your family are legally protected and to help you obtain just compensation.


Pedestrian & Bicycle Accidents

Pedestrians and bicycle riders on Pennsylvania’s busy streets are uniquely defenseless to the negligence of a careless motor vehicle operator. Persons injured in pedestrian/motor vehicle accidents are frequently confronted with serious personal injuries and are left with many questions. Pennsylvania law can pose several challenges to the victims of these accidents, and presenting a claim to an automobile insurer in such a scenario can involve many significant and complex issues.

Hit and Run Accidents

What steps should be taken by a victim of a hit and run driver to protect his or her rights when the driver of the vehicle can not be found, and what are such victims obligated to do under Pennsylvania law? Who will pay the medical bills of a pedestrian/motor vehicle accident victim under the law? Who will compensate the victim of such an accident if he or she is disabled and cannot work as a result of the injuries? What if injuries sustained in a motor vehicle/pedestrian accident result in surgery for the victim? How do you insure yourself in Pennsylvania before such an accident occurs to be certain that you are well prepared in the event of such a catastrophe?

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