Virtually all insurance contracts allow for subrogation. Subrogation refers to the insurance company’s contractual right to seek reimbursement from the legally responsible party, once they have paid their insured for a particular loss. Subrogation means that the company is able to step into the insured’s shoes, so to speak, and proceed against the party that caused the loss, so that the insurance company can recover the monies they spent on behalf of their insured.

Recovering these costs can be a very complex and litigation-intensive process, requiring the skills of a seasoned civil litigator. Attorney Jesse A. Torisky at Ciao, Torisky and O'Connor, LLC, has over thirty years of courtroom experience, including twenty years of insurance defense in a variety of legal disputes involving subrogation-related issues. He is prepared to fully advance and protect the subrogation interests of the insurance company to ensure that they are justly compensated for their contractually obligated expenditures.

The attorneys at Ciao, Torisky and O'Connor, LLC, are able to respond to a variety of legal needs, with the confidence and personal attention we believe each individual client deserves. If you or a loved one are hit with a legal concern in one of our areas of practice, call us today at 1 800 I-GOT HIT so we can hit back for you.

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