Pittsburgh Trust Law Attorney

Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Ciao, Torisky and O'Connor, LLC, can provide estate planning assistance to individuals and their families.

Why Should I Consider Putting Assets in a Trust?

Trusts in Pennsylvania can be used as effective tools for handling many situations, including a vehicle for leaving a legacy; protecting assets before and after death; ensuring minors, and handicapped beneficiaries are adequately cared for; and minimizing estate and inheritance taxes.

Should I Use an Experienced Pennsylvania Trust Law Attorney?

A trust is not just a form. Many boilerplate trust documents may not contemplate Pennsylvania laws. This may not be beneficial to you, depending on your assets and your goals. A qualified Pennsylvania trust law attorney will make sure you actually need a trust to accomplish your objectives. Also, a qualified estate planning attorney will be able to look at the whole picture with you to ensure that your desired outcome is achieved, and risk is minimized. At Ciao, Torisky and O'Connor, LLC, we will help you choose the proper vehicle to best accomplish your overall goals.

If a trust is appropriate in your circumstances, we can also help you choose the right trust, including the following:

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