Estate Planning

The Importance of an Experienced Pittsburgh Estate Planning Attorney

The Pennsylvania Probate process is the process by which the assets of the deceased are distributed either under a Will, or through Pennsylvania Intestacy laws when the deceased does not have a Will. Probate is the stage in the process where the entire estate of the deceased is administered, or a determination is made as to what parties will receive which assets or property upon that person's death. After a death, the Pennsylvania probate process should begin as soon as possible, as much of this process is very time-sensitive.

Probate law can be complicated, and unless you have proper legal representation, you are at risk of excessive taxation and improper estate management. Our Pittsburgh estate planning attorney is committed to protecting your estate and ensuring it is properly distributed based on your wishes. When you become a client of our estate planning law firm, we will do everything within the limit of the law to preserve your best interests and help you accomplish your goals. If you are hit with a Pennsylvania Estate Planning concern, then call 1 800-I GOT HIT as soon as possible.

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