Abuse (PFA)

Are you being stalked by an individual with whom you share or shared an intimate relationship? Do you suffer from domestic abuse, or are you in fear for your personal safety or well-being resulting from the abusive actions of a loved one? It is your right and the Court’s duty to assist you in finding relief from your situation. From the legal perspective in Pennsylvania, this takes the form of a Protection from Abuse action.

A protection from abuse action, more commonly called a “PFA,” can be sought in a case where you or a loved one is in imminent fear of bodily harm by someone with whom you are related or in an intimate relationship. When an abusive situation occurs, the police may or may not be called. When they are, they usually give the abused individual information relating to seeking PFA protection. In Allegheny County, if the incident occurs when the Court is not open to handle the matter, the individual may be sent to the local magistrate for immediate relief, and may then be directed to the Court for more permanent relief.

A PFA may be consented to, or it may be ordered following a contested hearing. In a hearing situation, the Court will determine if the abuse took place and if the relief sought is warranted. If it finds that the alleged victim is entitled to relief, it may put into place a PFA which prohibits or limits contact with the victim for up to three (3) years. An abuser may not call, speak to, stalk, harass, threaten, text, or have any contact with a victim when a full PFA is in place against him or her. When a Pennsylvania PFA situation hits you, we can help. Contact Ciao, Torisky and O'Connor, LLC as soon as possible by dialing 1-800-I GOT HIT.

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