Durable Power of Attorney

A Durable Power of Attorney is a document in which one individual appoints another individual as his or her "attorney-in-fact," or agent, enabling that appointed agent to make decisions on his or her behalf should something happen to incapacitate that person, or should that person be unavailable to act for any reason.

A Pennsylvania Durable Power of Attorney can be drafted to include everything from the paying of monthly bills to making investments on behalf of the incapacitated person. Alternatively, a Durable Power of Attorney can be narrowed in scope so as to limit the agent’s power to specific tasks like simply signing the paperwork necessary to transfer a piece of property.

Springing Power of Attorney

A Pennsylvania durable power of attorney can be drafted to include language which prevents the utility of the document until a triggering event "springs" the powers into action. This "springing" power of attorney can prevent the power of attorney from being used prior to a doctor's certification being attached to the document certifying that the principal in incapable of handling his or her affairs.

Pennsylvania Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare

A Pennsylvania Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare covers a very specific purpose. This document names an "agent" who accepts the responsibility of making medical decisions on an individual's behalf, based on that individual's specified instructions, when that person becomes unable to make the decisions for him or herself.

Pennsylvania has enacted dramatic recent changes to it's power of attorney act. You need an attorney knowledgeable in these changes. Contact the lawyers at Ciao, Torisky and O'Connor at 1-800-GOT-HIT to properly establish your needs and make certain your documents meet the requirements of the recently enacted statue


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