Personal Injury Lawsuit Settlements

Factual backgrounds of select cases handled by Martin E. Lazzaro and Associates*

  • 34 yr old suburban police officer/fireman, married 3 children, suffered fatal injuries in motor vehicle accident involving a tractor trailer which came over the center line and forced the vehicle in which the victim was a passenger into a utility pole
  • A teenage boy killed in motor vehicle accident involving a defective highway/dangerous curve and a utility pole that was too close to the roadway
  • A laborer in his 30’s, married with a minor child, who was struck and killed as a pedestrian by a motorist
  • A 79 yr old widower, retired steelworker, father of 7 children was fatally injured as pedestrian was struck by a motorist
    Teen killed as a passenger in an automobile accident that occurred when the vehicle in which he was a passenger left the road surface and struck a utility pole
  • 62 yr old bricklayer, married, 6 children, fatally injured as motorist when struck by another driver who was speeding through an intersection and failed to stop at a stop sign
  • A 43 yr old port authority worker, married with 4 children suffered multiple serious orthopedic injuries requiring surgery and the implantation of metal, partial loss of use of hand, and head injuries in garbage truck/auto collision
  • Minor female suffered catastrophic head injury, disfigurement and multiple trauma and fractures in automobile accident caused by negligence of adjacent landowner discharging water onto the highway, resulting in the vehicle in which she was a passenger to lose control and strike another vehicle
  • Minor female suffered multiple trauma and injury to brain/re-injury to brain in auto/train collision caused by a railroad failing to make its crossing safe and failing to operate its train safely
  • A 24 yr old single female saleswoman suffered neck fracture, requiring a halo cast, tailbone fracture and orthopedic injuries in automobile collision
  • A 30 yr old health care worker, divorced with a child suffered a cervical burst fracture requiring neurosurgery and implantation of metal hardware and cervical fusion, head injuries and orthopedic injuries in bus/auto collision
  • A 35 yr old male pressman, married, with a minor child, as well as suffered multiple orthopedic surgeries and injuries to the left side of body in an automobile/garbage truck accident
  • A 50 yr old nurse, married with grown children, suffered bilateral ankle fractures requiring surgery and implantation of hardware in a deck/porch collapse
  • A 53 yr old district justice, male, divorced, suffered spinal injuries and bilateral lower extremity paralysis from automobile accident
  • A 33 yr old cable installer, single, suffered multiple fractures to arm/elbow, leg/hip/ankle, requiring implantation of metal hardware due to deck/railing collapse
  • A teenage boy suffered multiple pelvic fractures and trauma in a multiple motor vehicle collision
  • A 55 yr old heavy laborer, male, married, 3 children, suffered disc injury to lower back in automobile accident
  • A 29 yr old car salesman, married, father of a minor child, suffered trauma and fractures to his leg leading to the amputation of the leg below the knee as a result of automobile accident
  • A 49 yr old mortgage broker, female, married, mother of minor children, received multiple trauma to arm, back, tailbone and shoulder from stair collapse accident
  • A 60 yr old married airline worker with grown children suffered a back injury requiring surgery in automobile collision
  • A 27 yr old graduate student, wife and mother suffered head injuries in rear-end motor vehicle collision
  • A 38 yr old arborist, married with children suffered back injuries requiring surgery/hardware in automobile collision
  • A 44 yr old airline worker, married, one child, suffered neck injuries requiring surgery, hardware and fusion as a result of automobile collision
  • A 28 yr old single female, suffered multiple lower extremity fractures in motorcycle accident
  • A 31 yr old married male police officer with a child suffered head injuries in a one-car automobile accident
  • A 35 yr old laborer, male, married, with minor children, suffered lower back disc injury requiring surgery in an automobile accident
  • A 36 yr old single laborer suffered multiple orthopedic injuries, knee surgery, head injury and seizure condition in motorcycle/automobile collision
  • A single female hospital worker in her 20’s suffered lower extremity fractures in an automobile accident
  • A 32 yr old single male car salesman, suffered closed head injury in automobile accident
  • A 27 yr old medical field worker, married, with a minor child, suffered head injury and trauma in automobile accident
  • A truck driver in his late 30’s, married with children, suffered a work-related back injury, plus spouse’s loss of consortium claim, in a fall caused by negligence of a property owner
  • A 51 yr old married sales executive suffered head injuries, cognitive problems and personality changes in automobile collision
  • A 52 yr. old suburban policeman, married, with young adult children, suffered shoulder/knee injuries in work-related automobile accident


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