Dog Bite & Animal Attacks

Have you been hit by a serious dog bite or suffered injuries in a dog attack? Has a neighbor’s dog bitten your child? We have assisted many victims of animal attacks and are very knowledgeable about Pennsylvania law and the rights of Pennsylvania dog bite victims. We understand that acting quickly following a dog bite is vital in protecting these rights. An immediate and thorough investigation can help establish liability for the attack and determine whether insurance coverage applies.

Mail carriers, delivery persons and other workers who are required to walk onto private property or enter into homes as part of their job duties are particularly at risk for vicious animal attacks. In addition to workers compensation benefits, employees injured by animals may also have a claim against the third-party owner of the animal.

Scarring and disfigurement frequently result from animal attacks and these injuries can be serious and life-changing. It is critical to ensure that insurance adjustors, claims people, defense attorneys and juries understand the severity of these types of injuries.

If you or a loved one has been bit by a dog in Western Pennsylvania, it is important to contact us immediately to learn more about your legal options so you can hit back when the facts and the law allow for a financial recovery to compensate you for damages resulting from an animal attack.

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