Special Needs Trust Lawyer

Are you the parents, grandparents or other family member of a Pennsylvania special needs child or adult? If so, there are a variety of special needs planning tools that may be of importance to you. One such tool is a special needs trust, which is a way for your special needs person to inherit money or obtain a settlement of a lawsuit without compromising his or her eligibility for governmental benefits.

Attorneys Jesse A. Torisky and Craig S. O’Connor at Ciao, Torisky and O'Connor, LLC, have more than 30 years of combined experience with Pennsylvania guardianships and other estate planning and family law procedures. In addition to their legal experience, Craig is a member of the Pittsburgh Matrimonial Inn of Court and Jesse has served in a variety of capacities for the Autism Society of Pittsburgh and has provided guardianship assistance to many Allegheny County families.

Parents of special needs children will need to obtain a guardianship for special needs adult children when their child turns 18. At age 18, a person is legally considered an adult, regardless of his or her ability to make decisions. To continue to care for your child after age 18, you will need a guardianship to make legal, financial and health care decisions.

Adults who are vulnerable or incapacitated due to illness or injury may be unable to make decisions themselves. If they do not have financial and health care powers of attorney in place, they will need a guardian to act on their behalf. Our Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania guardianship attorney assists families with guardianships for incapacitated adults. If you have such a concern, then contact the Pennsylvania trust and guardianship lawyers at Ciao, Torisky and O'Connor, LLC at 1-800 I GOT HIT today.

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